Behind every individual, product, and company, there is a story.

The Motion Bar is dedicated to helping you tell that story.
With professionals in everything from motion design and film production, to branding and web,
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Whether you’re looking for creative direction from the ground up or innovative ways to design and expand your digital content,
our experienced production team is here to offer support and guidance every step of the way.


Let’s put your ideas–-and your business–-in motion.

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Gabe Schwartz

The driving force behind The Motion Bar, Gabe Schwartz is a creative director and motion designer with over a decade of experience in animation, editing, film production, branding, and web development. He worked on Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign, provided animation for Google, and spent the last five years as the Creative Director for OSSI. His digital signage and branding can be found in Times Square, the Las Vegas International Airport, Phoenix International Airport, and at convention centers around the country.

Gabe has been passionate about visual art, design, and film production since he was 10 years old and making skate videos with his family’s
Hi-8 Camcorder. Though his tools, experience, and clientele have expanded greatly since those early days, he brings his unbridled passion and excitement to each project.

With a degree in sociology as well as motion design, Gabe is committed to producing thoughtful and socially relevant work.

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